The temple of our physical body includes the spiritual and psychic muscle system known in Asia as the chakra system. By practicing Kundalini yoga meditation, we learn how to use energy more consciously:  how to open the chakra system, how to release and surrender tension, how to develop detachment, a more open heart, and a greater sense of happiness. ––Kristina Jones, Teacher

We warmly invite you to visit our Kundalini Yoga Meditation Center in Portland, a dedicated space to practice and share our unique style of meditation for anyone who has a sincere interest in spiritual growth.

You can choose to begin your exploration of meditation and its richly personal benefits in either of 2 levels of classes given at Kundalini Yoga Meditation: wade into the beginner's pool with "Meditation 101" or jump into the deep end with our ongoing Kundalini Yoga meditation classes, held several times per week (free introductory appointment required).

If you have enjoyed taking physical (hatha) yoga classes in the past, our kundalini yoga meditation classes are the perfect next step in your pursuit of the art of yoga. Martial artists will also find that the chi they have trained so hard to cultivate will expand, and practicing our deep form of meditation yoga will further develop concentration, grounding, and inner balance. 

Minimal donations are requested for these classes; all donations are applied directly to basic Center expenses like rent and insurance, we have no paid staff. We are simply a group of people coming together to grow as compassionate, happy human beings who aspire to enlightenment and deeply spiritual lives. 

Call Alice at 503-277-3523 to schedule an introductory lesson, and join us for ongoing meditation classes at Kundalini Yoga Meditation in Portland! Address: 3430 SE Belmont St., Suite 202, Portland, OR 97214

Without joy and love and gratitude, we’re more animalistic than human. Without strong inner foundation, we are incapable of supporting spiritual energy, the most powerful energy that exists in the universe.––Stuart Perrin

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